We play our league games at Mabley Green. Mabley green is located in Hackney Wick and possesses great quality Astroturf pitches.
Mabley Green has modern changing facilities which are available to use on Match days.

Mabley Green
100 Lee Conservancy Road
E9 5RN


The Super 5 Women's Leagues consists of 5 Women's Leagues played at different levels. The Monday night has 2 leagues and will consist of an Advanced League and a Beginners League. On Wednesday Night we also have 2 Leagues which will be at Beginner and Intermediate level. We are currently recruiting for a Flexi Beginners League which will take place either on a Tuesday or a Thursday (fixtures may fall on either day), please let us know if you are interested via either the contact us button at the bottom or via phone/email which is shown in the Get in Touch section.

The week starts with the Advanced teams playing from 7-8PM on Mondays and one of the Beginners Leagues taking place at 8-9PM. We then have the 2nd Beginners League playing on Wednesday from 7PM-8PM and with the Intermediates playing from 8PM-9PM on the same day. Finally we are looking for 5 teams to join the other teams in the Flexi League and play on either Tuesday or Thursday.

Each league and cup game will last a total of 40 minutes. This consists of two halves of 20 minutes with a 2 minute break in between for half-time.

If you are interested in joining any of the leagues or have any questions about the leagues, please contact us via the Get in Touch section at the bottom of this page.


1) Max 5 players on the pitch and Maximum of 3 subs are allowed per game.

2) No Metal Studs. For the safety of other players and perseveration of the footballing field. No player will be allowed on field with metal studs. Shin pads are recommended to be worn. Players are responsible for their own safety to avoid serious injury.

3) Roll-on, Roll-off subs, this includes goalkeepers. Outfield players may play as a goalkeeper as long as they wear the correct bib/kit (Goalkeeper kit)

4) No slide tackling for outfield players. Goalkeepers may slide. Back passes are not allowed. If a keeper handles the ball from a back pass, a penalty will be awarded to the opposition.

5) Goalkeepers must stay within their penalty box. A penalty will be awarded to the opposition if this is violated. All penalties taken are limited to one step.

6) If a team is more than five minutes late, a goal will be awarded for the opposition. An extra goal is awarded for every five minutes they are late. e.g. 15 minutes late equates to a team being 3-0 down. If you are unable to field a team you must give Super 5 League 48 hours notice and the game can be rearranged for a later date. If you fail to do so and let us know after this time the game will be voided as a loss and you will have to pay the match fees for the game.

7) Straight red card for aggressive physical contact with the referee or any other player. Swearing or abuse towards the referee will also not be tolerated.

8) All players are required to wear bibs or club kits, Super 5 League will provide bibs and match balls however we still recommend teams to bring one ball on match days. All players must come dressed in appropriate football gear. Jeans/hoodies are not allowed.

9) Overhead allowed, and normal overhead throw ins

10) Super5League is dedicated to providing harassment-free experiences for everyone regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, or religion (or lack thereof). Harassment includes offensive verbal comments related to the above. It is the responsibility of all individuals to help create an inclusive environment where everyone gets to enjoy playing or watching football. We do not tolerate harassment of participants, players or spectators in any form. Anyone who appears to be disrupting the experience in any respect will be warned and if continued may be asked to not return to future games

Sponsors and Partners

AFA (Amateur Football Alliance)

We aim to provide football opportunities For All, regardless of age, gender, ability, race, culture or background. We also pride ourselves on the skill and competitiveness of our leagues, and on our traditions of fair play and respect for opponents and match officials.

Kick it out

Kick It Out is primarily a campaigning organisation which enables, facilitates and works with the football authorities, professional clubs, players, fans and communities to tackle all forms of discrimination.

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